International Internet Day!

If you’re reading this, we know you use the Internet, which is a good start.

When we first decided to write a piece on the Internet, we were almost overwhelmed with the sheer scale of potential topics we could cover, so in the interest of keeping thing snappy and interesting, we decided to focus largely on SCALE.

The Internet is huge, which I think you would agree is a pretty big understatement.

The majority of people on earth are now connected to the Internet is some shape or form, with the current estimated Internet-using population at 58.8% (InternetWorldStats). On the face of it, that may seem rather low, but when we consider that large proportions of this demographic are young children and the elderly we begin to better understand just how much of the world interacts with the Internet on a regular basis.

The UAE in particular has an Internet penetration of 99%, with 9.52 million out of a total population of 9.61 million having direct access to the Internet! A truly staggering figure, but one which is not all that surprising given that there are twice as many mobile subscriptions in the UAE then there are people (19.23 million in total).

When thinking of the Internet, one of the first things that springs to mind is Google.

We all reach to our phones and laptops to access information which previously was either unavailable or buried deep in textbooks and manual logs. This is reflected in some of the mind-blowing statistics from Google. For instance, the average person makes between 3 and 4 searches every single day (SEO Tribunal), that equates to:

5.6 billion Google searches per day.

Google is also the most visited website in the world in 2019, with an average 42.46 billion visits per month – outperforming its Chinese equivalent, Baidu, by a factor of 4 (10.45 billion views per month) according to Digital Information World.

From a corporate perspective, over 100,000 domains are registered with this search engine giant each and every day! This is why you need a good SEO company Dubai to help you stay relevant.

It is no surprise that recent studies have estimated that as soon as 2028 online transactions are estimated to account for over 50% of retail sales worldwide.



So, we've established that Internet is huge – but as a social media agency in Dubai, it would be a sin to not delve into the social world and explore some of the crazy statistics it has to offer.

Social media platforms grew 9% globally between January 2018 and January 2019.

Interestingly enough, the region with the greatest social media penetration is the UAE, with a 99% penetration in the region, matching it’s 99% Internet penetration as discussed above. As a digital marketing agency in Dubai, this stat makes us really excited!

Its undeniable that social media is one of the largest and most influential sectors of the Internet, so much so that it has found itself at the centre of global data scandals, election rigging and is the primary communication channel for the most powerful man in the world…all very controversial topics, so we will move on.

We asked our social media team to pick out their favourite platform statistics...



A phenomenon it itself, some of the stats surrounding YouTube and its usage are astonishing. There are some fairly staggering numbers surrounding the sheer mass of uploads to YouTube, estimated to be around 500 hours of content every minute, but for our key statistic we focused on user consumption on the platform.

YouTube video consumption is estimated to be 1 billion hours daily.

Numbers like these can sometimes lose their meaning, it can be hard to truly digest these figures without some context, so let’s try breaking this down a little:

1,000,000,000 hours equates to a whopping 41,666,667 days.

That is 114,155 years.

Still with us? Okay – now, if we assume the average life expectancy of a human to be 71 years, this works out to be 1,607 lifetimes. LIFETIMES!

Just let that sink in – it would take you over 1,600 lifetimes to sit and watch as much video as is consumed daily on YouTube alone.



Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, boasting some eye watering usage stats.

As many as 8,705 Tweets are posted every second globally.

Instantly, the scale of this figure is apparent, but as we break it down further you really start to gain some additional context as to the magnitude of this statistic:

8,705 tweets per second equates to 522,300 tweets per minute.

Or over 33 MILLION per hour.

That's 275 Billion tweets (274,520,880,000 for any of you doing the calculations along with us) each year.

Now, if we assume that each tweet consumes roughly 1 inch of mobile screen space, lining each of these tweets up would create a line which is 4,332,715 miles long. That's enough to go around the Earth 174 times.



As the most popular social media platform in the world, it’s no surprise that Facebook’s usage statistics are astronomical. The social giant is used by over 2.4 Billion active users monthly, boasts insane statistics on comments and status updates per minute and data is shared across the platform billions of times daily. However, it is the growth of users we have focused on for our key statistic.

5 new Facebook profiles are created every second.

Upon first inspection that really doesn’t sound all that impressive, but when we scale that up, it equates to 157,680,000 new profiles created each year.

When you consider that global population growth is estimates to be 82 Million people per year, in its current state Facebook as a platform is growing at almost twice the rate of the world population (192%).



The popular photo sharing platform blew up after it was acquired by Facebook back in 2012, having just 30 million users, compared to over 1 billion active users today. It is rapidly growing and each year edges closer towards the top 2 platforms (Facebook and YouTube).

As many as 936 photos are posted on Instagram every second.

936 photos equates to 56,280 images per minute.

3.3 million images per hour.

Or 29.6 billion images each year.

To give a little context, every 3.65 years more images are uploaded to Instagram than the entire human population to have ever lived on this earth – that’s a lot of selfies and dog pics!



All in all, these are some interesting statistics, but the overarching takeaway from this is the sheer scale of the Internet and how it has changed each of our lives. Between Search Engines and Social Media, consumption has never been higher. It's no surprise that these are now the primary Advertising choices, having overtaken traditional print, radio and TV advertising.

Feeling daunted? Want to stand out amongst all these stats? Have a chat with our performance marketing and social media teams and be heard!

Tom Sealey,
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